Blofeld Virtual Editor 0.5 Beta 4

Blofeld Virtual Editor is a software plugin that allows to remotely control Waldorf Blofeld hardware synthesizer.

Blofeld Virtual Editor does not output any sound and is useless if you don't own the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer

Along some bugfixes, the main feature added is the Arpeggiator panel which allows
control of the arpeggiator on the Blofeld with a nice plus: the plugin displays graphically the arpegiator
like on the synthesizer.
While this display is not 100% accurate at this time, it is already usable.

What is working in this beta?

- Control of the hardware synth from your host with this plugin
- Synchronization of the plugin with the patch currently selected on the synthesizer ("Get Patch" button)

Incomplete / Beta features

- Recall of parameters
- Bi-directionnal editing: changing values on the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer not accurate for all parameters.
- The arpeggiator view may not be 100% at all times

Reported problems
- Reported problem with Automap