Blofeld Virtual Editor 0.8.0 Beta

Blofeld Virtual Editor is a software plugin that allows to remotely control Waldorf Blofeld hardware synthesizer. Blofeld Virtual Editor does not output any sound and is useless if you don't own the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer What's new? - Total recall: Now, the patch is recalled correctly when saving it with your project. This has been tested successfully in Cubase 4/5, Renoise and Aodix. - Basic part control: Several parts can be controlled using several instances and Blofeld's "Multi Mode". Think "Multi timbrality", since multi mode is not supported at all. - Recall of multiple part patches - Send Patch function - Name and category editing - OSC 1 + 2 shapes updated (display is not optimal but is complete) - Several missing parameters added - Front panel re-organized - Minor cosmetic changes - Arpeggiator display corrected (accuracy, legato) but note that the arpeggiator is not a 1:1 copy of the Blofeld's display and some things are displayed differently (ie. random notes) - Dropped Control Change support: only SysEx is now supported. Reported problems - Reported problem with Automap