Blofeld Virtual Editor Beta 2

Blofeld Vst Editor is a software plugin that allows to remotely control Waldorf Blofeld hardware synthesizer. At this time it is still beta software but is already usable.

Main features:

- Visually control more than 100 Blofeld parameters

- Edited parameters are stored with your project and recalled when opened later. This feature will be improved to have total recall of the synth patch (at this time you have to select the patch used on your synth to retrieve the exact state)

- Non destructive editing of patches. The plugin works with the edit buffers of the synth, ie. patches on your synth are never overwritten.

- Biderectional editing. Editing your patch on the synth will be reflected on screen and the other way round.

- Synchronize the plugin with the current patch on the synthesizer. This ensures that all parameters are retrieved correctly when loading your project in you host.