Blofeld Virtual Editor Beta 2 available

The second beta of the Blofeld Virtual Editor is now available for download.
Many improvements have been done and there are several new features to discover.

New features:
- Panel can be synchronized with current Blofeld patch ("Get Patch" button)
- Reacts to either Midi CC or Sysex
- Full Oscilliators, Filters and LFO editing
- Updated GUI
- More editable parameters (no longer Midi CC only)

Other features:
- Knobs are updated on screen if edited on the Blofeld
- Parameters saved and recalled when saving/loading your project

Was tested successfully in following hosts:
- Cubase 4, Cubase SX3
- Ableton Live
- Cakewalk Sonar 7
- Reaper
- Renoise
- Aodix 4

Please note that the Midi inputs of your Blofeld have to be disabled inside your host in order to be used by the plugin (otherwise the plugin might crash when selecting the input/output)